3 Ways We Are Different


We are committed to educating each and every patient that walks through our door about how Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic is different. Blair Chiropractic care is a highly specialized system of locating and correcting this nerve interference in the spine, also known as a subluxation, where we can specifically correct one area of the spine to allow the rest of the spine to become healthy and stable again, significantly reducing the amount of adjusting and intervention. The reason why we get the great results that we do is the care that we take on specifically addressing the upper neck. 


We are committed to excellence. Our doctors continue to improve their knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis. We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of technology. This ensures that you have the best experience and more importantly the best results possible. Here are just a few things our patients are saying about their experience in our clinic. “My experience has been beyond good…” Carly B. “Great place for chiropractic work! Every visit I continue to feel better with more energy…” Alex H. “Getting Chiropractic work done here has changed my life…” Bryn N. 


Many of our patients have expressed that they thought they had tried everything until they made it to our office. We give our patients hope. 

We educate our patients on what Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic is and how it has helped others like yourself. We strive to give you the best Upper Cervical Chiropractic experience that you have ever had or ever will have. 

5 Tips for Winter

Millions of people slip and fall on ice and or snow in one way or another. Here are some tips to help prevent an injury. 


Wear boots or shoes with good traction. Boots with Vibram Arctic Grip or Green Diamond have excellent traction. Shockingly there are more boots with poor traction out there than there are with good traction. If you know that you are going to walk in an area with ice bring a small bag of sand and sprinkle it in front of you as you walk. 

Keeps your hands free

Keep your hands available to help catch yourself just in case you start slipping or get off balance. It is best to keep your hands out of your pockets and be careful if you have to carry anything while walking in wintery conditions. 

Don’t trust your sight

It’s difficult to see if ice is present or not. It is best to assume you are walking on a slippery surface and walk carefully. 

How to fall

If you do end up falling it is important to protect your spine and head. This can be done by leaning forward slightly first. If you are able to fall on your side that is best. There is less chance that you are going to break the larger and stronger bones.

Seek Treatment

It’s important to seek the appropriate treatment if you do end up falling. Millions of people end up falling, it is inevitable. When it does happen it’s best to get your spine checked by a Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor. The fall can cause an injury putting pressure on delicate spinal nerves that can go unnoticed for weeks possibly even months.   

Call our office today to schedule a time to get your spine checked. Our location in Ballard 206-297-2792 and Bothell 425-381-4460 




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