Natural Care for Ear Infections in Bothell, WA

Parents: How many times have you woken up to a screaming baby pulling on his/her ear knowing full well that you are going to have another sleepless night. Often times you already know your little boy or little girl has another ear infection. We see kids on a regular basis in my office and by getting their neck checked from day 1 they can prevent this from happening. There are multiple studies that can be found showing how chiropractic has helped kids with chronic ear infections. Here is a study that shows how chiropractic care was beneficial in managing a 2-year-old’s chronic otitis media (inner ear infections), constipation and sleep disturbances

Inner Ear Infections (Otitis Media) are more common in children although adults can have them as well. Common symptoms in infants and children include:

  • Ear pain (tugging at an ear)
  • Difficulty hearing or responding to sounds    
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Fever
  • Crying more than usual
  • Drainage of fluid from the ear

Ear infections occur when one or both of the eustachian tube(s) in your ear(s) becomes swollen or blocked. Fluid then builds up in the middle ear. Eustachian tubes run from your ear and connects to the throat. So air can’t reach the middle ear. When one or both of the top two vertebrae in the neck are subluxated (out of position causing nerve interference) the ear can’t drain properly resulting in an ear infection. 

I had chronic ear infections and started out life with my first ear infection at 2 weeks old followed by another ear infection every 3 weeks. Between ear infections I was growing and developing. When I was about 2 years old my mom realized I wasn’t hearing. I ended up having tubes in my ears twice and the ear infections started decreasing in frequency. I continued having ear infections even as an adult. Somehow I thought that was normal since I experienced it for so long. I was lucky enough to get into a car accident where I found a chiropractor that changed my life. I went from being sick on a regular basis to eventually getting well and enjoying life more fully. The part of my story I’m most proud of is that I’m now able to help people on a daily basis through Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. 

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Authored by Dr. Deborah Benllien-Cotten, D.C.




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